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Oversized Pallet Covers Weatherproof Green 140GSM Pallet Cover


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Oversized Pallet Covers Weatherproof Green 140GSM Pallet Cover

The contents of your pallet should be protected from bad weather and dirty environments. It’s great for helping to secure loads or keeping pallet contents out of sight. The standard UK pallet size is 1000mm x 1200mm and the Euro pallet is 800mm x 1200mm, we have four different height options for you to choose from. An oversized pallet option is available, which is perfect for storing sheets of ply and plasterboard. Tarpaflex pallet covers are rotproof and UV stable, and are constructed from 140gsm woven polyethylene which is rotproof and UV stable. To provide a snug and secure fit over your palletised goods, all seams and hems have been heat sealed. If you want to properly secure your pallet with stretch wrap or strap, pallet covers are not a substitute. They can be used to help with securing a load on a pallet, but their main function is to keep the goods clean and dry.


  1. 140gsm UV-stabilised polyethylene
  2. Weatherproof
  3. Tough and rotproof
  4. Eyelets of aluminium present in every corner
  5. Colour: Green
  6. Fully reusable
  7. Available in 4 height options

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Oversized Pallet Cover Large – 2405 x 1205 x H 1500mm, Oversized Pallet Cover Medium – 2405 x 1205 x H 1000mm


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