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Waterproof Clear Tarpaulin 420gsm Transparent Heavy Duty Tarpaulins


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Waterproof Clear Tarpaulin 420gsm Transparent Heavy Duty Tarpaulins

Our 420gsm Clear Tarpaulin is made of 0.35mm durable heavy duty PVC vinyl, strong and durable. All of the four corners are reinforced with corner guards. Waterproof, windproof, tear-resistant, Heavy Duty, and suitable for all year round. our clear heavy duty tarpaulin is 99% transparent and will not block the view or affect the interior light. The tarp insulates from external factors and ensures sufficient sunlight inside with good insulation. Extra long 5cm edge makes it stronger and more durable: Our Clear rain tarp has a 5cm reinforced edge. It prevents the product from being torn by the wind and improves durability and safety.
Compared with copper eyelets in the market, the eyelets of our products are made of aluminum, which are stronger and more durable. The hole distance is 50cm (20 inches) and the diameter of the eyelet is 20mm, so that the tarpaulin can be fixed easily and quickly. Heavy duty Tarpaulin cover for outdoor use is perfect, clear tarp makes everything visible, ideal for patio, porch, gazebo, etc. Waterproof Tarp cover- Suitable for plant insulation and covering garden furniture. Also suitable for home and professional use, for example, in construction and renovation projects.
Durable Tarpaulin
Fully Clear Tarpaulins
Aluminum Eyelets for Easy Installation
Multifunctional Tarpaulin

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