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Ripstop Canvas Tarpaulin 17 oz Water Resistant Canvas Tarpaulins


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Ripstop Canvas Tarpaulin 17 oz. Water Resistant Canvas Tarpaulins

The Ripstop Canvas Tarpaulin Water Resistant Green 17OZ are made from a mixture of a polyester yarn and Ripstop. As soon as proofed, the Ripstop Canvas is 17oz. They were imported from India. Ripstop Canvas tarpaulins are made from a material which has been treated to make them lighter and easier to use than canvas tarps. Strengthening tabs are placed at every part of the building. When canvas tarpaulins are subject to different temperatures, a minimum amount of shrinkage can arise. These canvas tarps are treated to make them water resistant.


  • canvas is water resistant 
  • There are 2ft periods in stitched hems with brass-plated eyelets. 
  • It was lighter to address than wax-processed tarpaulins. 
  • All of the stitching is double lock so the thread receiver runs. 
  • Untreated 15oz / 17oz fabric when handled

The cotton canvas was blended with yarns.
Please undergo in mind that a minimum amount of shrinkage can arise where canvas tarpaulins are subject to varying temperatures. These robust canvas tarps are chemically treated to lead them to water-Resistant.


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