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Our Scaffold Sheeting prevents wind and rain damage to the scaffold frame.This is a great sheeting material, made from strong, reinforced polyethylene. It provides shelter for workers from the elements whilst also helping contain waste and debris.

This is a good quality scaffolding sheet that is easy to use and comes in an affordable size. It’s suitable for use with any scaffolding system.In this reinforced banding are perforated 15mm diameter outline holes, which help you attach the sheeting to the scaffolding.

It’s much easier to secure the tent with the shock cords provided by us. We also recommend them because they are more comfortable than ordinary tie-downs, which can cut into your back when you are sleeping.

When you join two rolls together, overlap the ends of both and push ties through both.When you inspect a door lock, you should make sure that it’s securely and safely fastened.

1. 170 gsm
2. Also popular for use as Polytunnel Sheeting
3. Allows approx 70% light transmission

  1. 15mm diameter outline holes spaced at 10cm intervals
    5.Colour Supplied : Clear
    6. Size : 2m x 45m

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2m x 45m


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