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Clear Mono Cover Tarpaulin Sheet 100gsm Clear Reinforcing Mesh Tarp


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Clear Mono Cover Tarpaulin Sheet 100gsm Clear Reinforcing Mesh Tarp

For farm, lawn, storehouse or garage purposes, these polyethylene tarpaulins are a superb option. Perfect for overlaying outside and additionally being utilised inside if desired; Our offer 100gsm waterproof protection at one metre intervals with eyelets every one hundred metres along their length.

They are best for use during rainy days, or when you’re going on a beach vacation. They’re recommended for short term usage. They also provide an effective water proof cover.

We don’t use conventional materials in the production of our tarpaulins. Our Waterproof Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Clear Mono Tarp Sheet uses welded reinforced eyelets, so they are completely waterproof.

Our Lightweight waterproof covers are widely used as a cover for many applications, including:

1.A multi-purpose tarpaulin made from 100 gsm economic system.

  1. The weave is made from LDPE and HDPE.

3.It is easy to Handle.

4.The eyelets are made of aluminum.

Useful for: camping, fishing, looking, sledging, paint-balling, gardening, playgrounds, or for something that needs defensive from harsh climate.

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