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Lightweight Green Debris Netting 50gsm Garden Netting 2m X 50m


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Lightweight Green Debris Netting 50gsm Garden Netting 2m X 50m

It is possible to create an open mesh net with the help of UV stabilising polyethylene monofilaments. Primarily used on scaffolding structures to hold any garbage or debris contained on a constructing web page, it improves website online protection through decreasing the chance of objects falling out of doors in the working region. A more secure environment is afforded to both the people and the general public by helping the containment of debris. During sports or recreational events, debris netting can be used to create a barrier or partition. It’s well-known and extensively used as a popular lawn netting in farms to protect produce from harm. Our middle range is synthetic to 70gsm, and is fabricated with a knitted banding of eyelets through the rims and centre, to be used as a resource for solving problems. Knitted eyeholes along the edges and through the centre of the core range are consistent with square metres.

Mesh length : approx 2mm

Density : 50%

Very popular lawn netting

50gsm Debris Netting

Green Garden Netting

UV Stabilized Netting

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2m x 50m


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