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Heavy Duty Debris Netting 80gsm Flame Retardant White Netting


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Heavy Duty Debris Netting 80gsm Flame Retardant White Netting

The UV stabilized, open mesh polyester fiber debris netting from the DebrisNetTM family is designed for use in a variety of containment systems.

If you want to improve safety on a construction site, use this tool. It helps keep rubbish and debris within a controlled area of the site to reduce the risk of objects falling outside of the work area.

A dust free environment is achieved by the collection of debris. The removal of debris can reduce the risk of disease.

Sports or recreational events often generate large amounts of debris that must be collected and disposed of. You can use deisgnetting to create a barrier or partition sites for your sports or recreation events.

You’ll use it for lots of fun reasons, from protecting your precious plants to catching a fly ball.

Our flame retardant white netting, made of an 80 gsm non-flame retardant material, is popular in commercial construction settings. It has knitted eyeholes along both edges and through the centre.

Mesh size : approx 2mm
Density : 50%
Very popular garden netting

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2m x 50m


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