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Environment Friendly Tarmac Jute Sheet Tarpaulin


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Environment Friendly Tarmac Jute Sheet Tarpaulin

It’s good for coveringadam and keeping it warm. Tarpaulin is nature friendly. It’s also included are rope and eyelets. The cut sizes of Tarpaulins are incomplete.

Features :

Green Jute Tarpaulins

It is a good idea to keep the Tarmac hot.

Double sewn seams are included.

Trimmed Edges


Comes With Eyelets

Uses :

Covering Tarmacadam

General Site Work

Additional information

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12ft x 9ft x 8kg, 15ft x 10ft x 10kg, 15ft x 12ft x 11kg, 15ft x 9ft x 9kg, 18ft x 12ft x 15kg, 18ft x 9ft x 12kg, 22ft x 12ft x 24kg, 24ft x 18ft x 30kg


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