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Canvas Tarpaulin Cotton Duck Fabric Tarp


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Canvas Tarpaulin Cotton Duck Fabric Tarp

This pristine Drop Cloth tarp is very suit for Creative DIY people who is inspired to creative creations!
If you are a house-wife, you gonna use it for dust barrier when you plan a house-keeping activity or you can also to use it for sewing / clothing / quilting somehow, just follow your idear tells you how.
If you are art fan, this drop cloth can be the best base curtain for your Painting / Graphic / Dying / Drawing, just do what your brainstorm guide you how.
This cotton canvas drop cloth is washable and reusable.

1. Totally blank , freely creations for Great!
2. Oderless, no harmful no worries.
3. Durable Canvas fabric(65% Cotton+35% Polester).
4. Multi-Purpose: drapes curtain, pillow covers, rugs,tablecloth, photography or shield carpets and so much more home improvement projects than your imagine!
Size: 5 * 9 Feet

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5ft x 9ft


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